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Mini Projector

  • The mini projector has a 7000 Lux brightness and supports 1080P Full HD, adopting advanced LED technology and a uniform illumination method that make the edges of the projection brighter and clearer. These ensure the projection image quality presents a real, dynamic, and colour-vibrant effect. The mini projector also applied diffuse reflection technology to protect your eyes from tiredness.
  • This mini projector has a unique and elegant design with a size of 6.74x5.28x2.96 inches and a weight of 0.72 kg. It is small enough to fit in your bag. Moreover, there is a handle on the product box for carrying. Therefore, it is rather light and handy to carry when you go out.
  • Built-in hi-fi stereo speakers provide original audio fidelity. Also featured is an audio output port to connect headphones or external speakers. These give you an immersive sound experience.


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